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Dear Marketing Director,

"We Can deliver up to 1000 potential buyers to your business each day"!

Even if you don't have a website, we can help get your message instantly  to the
people who are interested in your product/service.
And, we can do it for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Are you getting  tired of watching the orders trickle in? Do what the "big boys"
do and watch your sales soar through the roof! Use Direct Email Marketing! It's
the way of the future and the future is NOW!

No other media can deliver your message locally ,nationally, or internationally,  instantly to the
people who are needing your product or service.

Who are we:

We are a marketing company with 12 years of Direct Marketing experience,
specializing in list extraction, ad copy and Direct Email Marketing. We extract
250,000  "new" general email addresses  and over 200,000 targeted email
each week.

Our targeted list database consists of MLM, Home owners, Opportunity seekers,
fans, Health/Fitness, business to business ,  adult interests , gamblers,
investers and geographical lists,   just to name of few.

We run all names through our huge 200MB remove database, to bring you responses
not flames . Over 50% of our business is repeat business and referrals.

Here is what we offer

We can mail for you:

All mailings are sent out to your specification within 72hrs and sent in rich
colorful HTML format, with picture, banner or even full page display.
We offer FREE ad copy consulting and website Point-Of-Sale advertising advice, to make your sizzle and sell !  
All mailings are sent with state-of-the-art software to verify
each address and delivery.

Our price list:

General Mailing

250,000       $200.00
500,000       $350.00
1,000,000     $550.00
2-5 million   $500.00/M
6+ million    $450.00/M

Targeted Mailing

250,000      $300.00
500,000      $450.00
1,000,000    $750.00
2-5 million  $650.00/M
6+ million   $550.00/M

************************Special List Extraction Requests********************

If we do not have your target audience in our database, for less than 1/2 cent
an email  we can extract hot fresh leads by the following criteria......
Country, State, City, special interest, profession,  biz-to-biz and more.


If you want to puchase our list and mail yourself-

Our database of  200 Million addresses (Volume II) extracted over the years. These include General addresses and Targeted addresses,  overseas
addresses, biz to biz and many more for only $299.00 .

To order-

To order with Credit Card via our secure server , by phone or by fax,  please contact us via email, or phone....


Office hours -  (8am to 5pm Pacific Time) M-F


Send Check or Money Order to:

G-Force Marketing Inc.
16055 SW Walker Rd. # 236
Beaverton, OR 97006

Note: If ordering a mailing, please include copy of ad, your website URL, contact phone number, best time to call and email address.

G-Force Marketing,
Taking you past the limits of success!
(Member of the NABL)

       We also offer:

Latest Bulk Email software (several software packages to choose from)

Bulk Friendly Webhosting Management

Easiest MLM program around ---NO selling, NO inventory, NO monthly costs, NO
meeting to attend, NO tapes to listen to, .......just give our product away and
get paid!!!


Transmissions to you by the sender of 'this' email
will be stopped promptly by sending an e-mail with "REMOVE" in the subject line.
Simply hit reply and send and we will remove you from our database.

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