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[Nettime-bold] 360 Degrees

"360 Degrees" ( is a really interesting
documentary web project; a critical examination of the state of US prison
system. This web site is launched recently and produced by "Picture
Projects" ( New York City.

I think "360 Degrees" is not only important because of the issues it
problematicize and its nice design, the documentarist approach of Picture-Projects
team in this work is worthwhile. Rather than turning the interactive
capabilities of medium into a statement by itself -as it is practiced
commonly in todays artistic works on the net-, Picture-Projects
utilizes these interactive potentials for narrative purposes. In the
end, the final product becomes a totally new form of documentary;
a new and richer form of a "collective memory" that is non-linear and open to
people's interaction and intervention. You can also find other on-line
documentary productions of Picture-Projects (which
are shaped by the same approach) in their web site.

Aras Ozgun

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