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EAR (entering): His neck is narrow but his foot is quite large. 
                He can easily drum with his fingers or toes on his oval belly 
                which has already served as a ball several times during rugby. 
                He is not a being because he consists of pieces. Simple men manifest 
                their existences by houses, important men bymonuments.

NOSE: How true how true how true how true how true S.

EYEBROW: "Where," "how much," "why," are monuments. As, for example, Justice. 
          What beautifully regular functioning, practically a nervous tic
          or a religion.

NOSE (decrescendo): How true how true how true how true how true . . 

EYEBROW: In the lake dipped twice in the sky-the bearded sky-a pretty morning was found. 
         The object fleeting between the nostrils. Acidulous taste
         of weak electric current, this taste which at the entrances to salt mines switches 
         to zinc, to rub-ber, to cloth-weightless and grimy. One evening-while
         out walking in the evening-someone found, deep down, a tiny little evening. 
         And its name was good evening.

EAR: Carelessly the robber changed himself into a valise, the physicist might 
     therefore state that the valise stole the robber. The waltz went on
     continuously--it is continuously which was not going on--it was waltzing--and 
     the lovers were tear-ing off pieces of it as it passed

     on old walls posters are worthless.

EYE: They kept catching colds with great regularity. For the regularity of his life 
     a little death, too. Its name was continuity. 

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