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[Nettime-bold] The CIAC's Electronic Magazine - no.12

*advance apologies for cross-posting* 

The CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine - No.12 - January 2001

The twelfth issue of the CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine is now on line.
It focuses on Web art produced in East-Central Europe. This issue
includes the following articles:

*Feature: The Ground for Net Art in the Former Eastern Block (Central
and Eastern Europe) by Rossitza Daskalova
*Perspective: Behind the Cyrillic Curtain: notes on Internet art and
culture in Russia  by  Katherine Liberovskaya
*Spotlight:  Media Arts: the Hungarian Model by Nina Czegledy
*2 Interviews: Olia Lialina and Igor Stromajer, Krassimir Terziev
*Reviews of Web Projects by: Apsolutno, Vuk Cosic, Petko Dourmana, Tiia
Johannson & Raivo Kelomees + al., Olia Lialina, Calin Man, Slobodan
Miladinov, Alexei Shulgin & Natalie Bookchin, Igor Stromajer, Teo
* Review of ISEA2000 by Sylvie Parent

We also published Alex Galloway's conference that took place
during la Biennale de Montréal 2000.
(see the "Conference" page in the Biennale de Montréal 2000 section)

Welcoming all our readers!

Sylvie Parent and Rossitza Daskalova
The CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine

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