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[Nettime-bold] Neural Magazine Italy Review by Alessandro Ludovico


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Title: Neural_review
[from:Neural Magazine, (Italy)
Monday, January 29, 2001

reviewed by : Alessandro Ludovico]

Exhibition on

by : Alessandro Ludovico

Recently closed at Tribes Gallery in New York was:
"Dystopia + Identity in the Age of Global
Communications", an imposing exhibition curated by
Cristine Wang, who reunites established and emerging
net.artists.  Many of the works, realised with some of
the most varied and latest software + hardware
techniques (and for the most part online), demonstrate
the positive and apocalyptic approaches taken by artists
as they comment upon the network.

Filled with luminaries like Mark Amerika, Natalie
Bookchin, Heath Bunting, Critical Art Ensemble,
Ricardo Dominguez, Fakeshop, Marina Grzinic,
Fran Ilich, Eduardo Kac, Tina La Porta, Mark
Napier, Carsten Nicolai, Francesca da Rimini,
Linda Wallace and many others.

The Exhibition:


Neural Magazine,
is a quarterly magazine from Italy on
hacktivism, new media art and electronic music
(in print since 1993).

Alessandro Ludovico
(Editor, Neural Magazine)
a co-Founder of Nettime list (May 1995)


For More Information, Contact:

Cristine Wang
New Media Arts Curator
Tel: 917-318-0081