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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Global Trends 2015

I can recommend this program also. I came within 9 hours of finishing in '92,
but got heavily involved in this newfangled cyber-internet-thingy, which I'd
picked as my subjest of study. I *definitely* benefitted from it! Also, do a
search on "Seth Itzkan." We were in the program together. He wanted the program
to be more critical in general (turns out he was on the money), and now maybe it



Phil Gyford wrote:

> At 9:15 am -0500 2001-01-18, Alan Sondheim wrote:
> >In the 1970s I taught a course in 'futurology' at the Rhode Island School
> >of Design; called The Year 3000, we used everything from extrapolation
> >through scenario through delphi methodology. The course was developed
> >after Forrester, Club of Rome, RIO, etc. When the Carter report towards
> >the year 2000 appeared, that was also incorporated. Remember that Reagan
> >threw it out.
> In case anyone's interested, there's a very similar Masters at the University
> of Houston-Clear Lake which began around the same time. I recently graduated
> and on the whole would recommend it (although I can't say the same for
> Houston/Clear Lake itself). They also do an intensive summer course - two six
> week sessions in successive years plus work back home - with many people
> travelling there from around the world.
> The course:
> Some examples of stuff I did there:
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