Ivo Skoric on 5 Aug 2000 16:43:34 -0000

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<nettime> Re: Bosnian cyber-thugs hack Antiwar.com - what a waste of TIME!


Antiwar.com is selling videos that "prove" that photos from Bosnian 
torture camps appearing in Western media were FAKE. That 
should be a reason enough for enterpreneurial Bosnian hacker to 
explore his options. The same goes for the Emperors Clothes site, 
that dwarfs Srpska Mreza in its attempts to shore up the Serbian 

But it is quite unusual to have a CEO of the Telekom of some 
foreign country personally hack into US based web sites of 
organizations unfriendly to his country's policies. Which is what 
antiwar.com claims happened to them.

The proof, as they submitted, is a couple of anonymous logins to 
their public ftp site by somebody from the IP address assigned to 
the Bosnian Telekom.

Judge for yourself.


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