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DATELINE LOS ANGELES: This morning, The Roman Forum put the U.S.
presidency up for auction on eBay ( for a minimum bid
of $1. No longer will the presidency be restricted to a small number of
wealthy individuals and their cronies. "The presidency belongs to all of
us, so all of us should have a fair shot at it," said Cicero, a member of
The Roman Forum.  "It is being auctioned off now because its current owner
is moving and an auction is the fairest way to bring it to the attention
of the largest number of possible buyers." 

 The presidency is being listed on eBay under the category "Collectibles:
Political (US): Presidency" and it is described as a "unique object ...
210 years old and in good condition-- a real collector's item".  The
auction is slated to last 10 days, and an undisclosed reserve price has
been set on the presidency. 

 Another member of The Roman Forum, the famed writer Petronius Arbiter,
pointed out that there are historical precedents for this auction.  "The
Roman Empire was auctioned off once or twice by the Praetorian Guard,"  he
noted. "Once in 192 A.D., as I recall." 

 Roman Forum member Germania added that in his campaign for the U.S. 
presidency, George W. Bush has reportedly raised on the order of $95
million from only around 800 individuals out of the entire nation. "If 800
people can own the presidency, why can't one?" she asked. 

 The Roman Forum are meeting in Los Angeles during the week of the
Democratic National Convention and can be found at Side Street Live at 425
S. Main St., 2nd floor, downtown Los Angeles. Anyone wishing to attend
their deliberations is invited to Side Street Live on August 11, 14, 15,
16, 18, and 19 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 ($12 with parking stub) and $8
for students, and there is attended parking in the building. For
reservations, leave a message at 213-620-8895. For more information,
please go to . 

Craig Arteaga-Johnson
Director of Exhibitions and Programs
Side Street Projects
400 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 620-8895  (213) 620-8896 FAX

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