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<nettime> Castells (2x)

From: Patrice Riemens <>
Subject: Castells Bashing On?

After the hype comes the backlash. Now it has apparently become fashionable
to bash the author of the Information Age, or even to denounce him as
'something of a fraud' (Doug Henwood). Manuel Castells himself was none too
happy about the sometimes very uncritical embrace of his magnum opus and
has welcomed informed critique of it. But for an older dutch gentleman (not
me! ;-), who's most likely to pass totally unnoticed (I'd have to dig deep
in my -non existent archives - to trace him back), little seems to have
come forward. has an area devoted to Castells
criticism which nettimers might want to consult (Steve Cisler had already
pointed to this site). A robust critique of Castells theories would be
surely a boon to Nettime, but I would hope that it quickly would leave
behind the sort of inuendos I've been reading up to now.

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 04:10:03 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi <>
Subject: Castells Reviews

Greetings Lists,

As everybody is looking for the reviews of *Castells Trilogy* --so here is
two pointers, thought you would like to read--

The Brave New World of Manuel Castells at Dialogo Solidarid GLOBAL
Solidarity Dialogue at

The Network Paradigm: Social Formations in the Age of Information at THE
INFORMATION SOCIETY -an international journal

Thank you..
best regards
arun tripathi

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