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<nettime> [ShahidulNews] Meghbarta August issue now out

Remember four years of good friends, bad clothes, explosive
chemistry experiments.

Dear Friends,

Despite our troubles, the August 2000 issue of Meghbarta is now out,
albeit a bit late. We await your feedback.

Editors' diary of the month
In this new regular monthly column, Anu Muhammad comments on major
current issues.(English)

The Case against the Rooppur Nuclear power project
In the wake of world wide atomic disasters, Sylvia Mortoza questions
the wisdom of setting up a costly nuclear plant in Bangladesh.

Anandabazar Controversy
Barkatullah Maruf reports on controversies around the Indian media
giant's investment in Bangladesh. (Bangla)

Jute: from field to factory
Barkatullah Maruf reports on the different phases of corruption,
resource drainage and plundering of some state-owned enterprises

GM: Savior or Destroyer?
Are the activities of multinational corporations around biotech
testing and GM food for corporate profit or for people? Reviewer
Renee Sams also shows alternative models for growth in food
production which preserve living space.(English)

Higher Education in Bangladesh
Mahmud Hanif's take on the crisis in public universities and
increasingly expensive private universities. (Bangla)

Sayema Khatun interviews children activists of Tripura, an Indian
State with a difference. (Bangla).

Barkatullah Maruf looks at the lives of riverside people.

Books and Journals
Nasrin Siraj Annie introduces some recently published books. (Bangla)

Stipend for girl students in secondary education
Sharmin Moumita examines the projects and the implementation hazards.

Killing continues
Hasibur Reja Kollol reports on the killing of a leading journalist
Shamsur Rahman. (Bangla)

Behind Jhatka fish killing
Arshad Siddique investigates the Hilsha fish disaster, an important
fish in Bangladesh. (Bangla)

Waste Management and Child Labour
Rafiqul Islam Montu writes on child labour that revolves around
waste. (Bangla)

Development theories in practice
Moti Rahman takes a satirical look western development theories.

Shahidul Alam
Drik Picture Library,

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