Phil Graham on 19 Aug 2000 16:51:52 -0000

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<nettime> The New "Left" - OR why inequality is politically useful

This is a useful and interesting story on the "Left", and not only in 

M. Wark is referred to here after talking at the annual Labor Party 
Convention ... it'd be lovely to hear his comments on this one:

"Kevin Murray: Aspiration was the great word yesterday. The aspirational 
voters. A point raised by McKenzie Wark really, and echoed in some other 
speakers that Labor has problems with the aspirational voters in the sense 
that it's seen to be arguing for equity, whereas the majority of the 
Australian population are looking to improve themselves, not necessarily to 
be equal, but to be able to gain some of the things that might be abhorrent 
to a lot of Leftists, like the four-wheel drives, and Pay-TV and kind of 
consumerist treasures like that."

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