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Re: <nettime> L.A. Times column, 8/14/00 -- Tech Policy

> The issue that we've been fighting in the U.S. is that we (many
> progressive activists who work on science policy) believe that basic
> scientific research should be INCREASED, but -- the all-important but --
> supplemented with and guided by "national goals" that are democratically
> derived. Republicans don't believe in national goals for science policy.
> They don't want any intermediate or "bridge" programs between basic
> research and the private sector. This is an old, Vannevar Bush-era model
> of science policy that other nations abandoned long ago.

it's an old monacal argument now to say fundamental research programs are
quite infected by operation ones i.e.the investment for research is now so
enormous for hoping resuslts there is long time ago research have
socialized goals i.e. guided by militaro industrial decision maker. anyway
every monk knows also pentagon is an huge financier of non profitable
begining programs for increase the profitability of private one, and
please in this context it's a joke to speak about democratically or non
democratically defined goal : this partnership have prooved its formidable
efficiency and as never down the age : may be the sher raison of suprémacy
of US.  btw as it is question of 'virtual machine' i would speak about an
extraordinary one:  the star war by reagan, and this one is not without
close relationship with this question. a cocktail of
bluff/science/$/fictionnal social analysis. monacaly yours

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