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S o u n d  P r a c t i c e
the 1st UKISC conference on sound, culture and environments

16-20 February 2001

Dartington Hall Centre & Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England

Organised by:
UKISC: UK and Ireland Soundscape Community - an affiliated member of the 
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Sponsored by:
World Scientific and Engineering Society
University of Plymouth
Dartington College of Arts

Sound Practice is the first conference in the UK dedicated to all aspects of 
sound in its relationship to the environment. Environment is interpreted 
quite broadly to include social and cultural contexts, natural habitats, 
notions of community and place, physical and virtual spaces, etc. 
Interdisciplinary by nature, Sound Practice will act as a meeting place for 
architects, sound designers, musicians, psychologists, urbanologists, 
ecologists, geographers, anthropologists, sound engineers, biologists, 
audiologists, teachers, sound artists, environmental health, acousticians, 
the Media, sound archivists, et al. to share, discuss and experience the 
sonic environment. For background on soundscape studies and acoustic ecology 

1. To nurture our understanding and awareness of the soundscape.
2. To report on past, current and future soundscapes.
3. To advance the emerging interdiscipline of soundscape studies.

o Listening to the Soundscape
o Art and Acoustic Ecology
o Sounding the Built Environment
o Heritage, Conservation & Innovation
o Pedagogical Approaches
o Social Practice of the Soundscape
o Future Strategies

Provisional Guest Participants include:
Jean-François Augoyard
R. Murray Schafer
Pauline Oliveros
Hildegard Westerkamp

Invitation to submit proposals:

Proposals pertinent to the above topics are welcomed from a variety of
presentation formats: academic papers, workshops, posters, sound walks,
electroacoustic and acoustic compositions, multi-media presentations,
live-art performances, roundtable dialogues, panel discussions,
installations, exhibitions, soundscape study reports, demonstrations of
new technologies. 

Submission Instructions:
All submissions must include -


Institutional Affiliation (if applicable):

Postal Address:


Web Page (if applicable):

Presentation Format:

Title of Presentation:


Programme Notes or Abstract (500 words max):

Short Biography (300 words max):

Technical Requirements:

Please include DAT, CD, video, score and other relevant forms of 
documentation of proposed presentation. All materials received will be put 
into the UKISC archive. The proceedings will be published after the 
conference.  All participants are expected to attend the conference. As well 
as posting your submissions please also register your submission online.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 20 October 2000

Send Proposals and Submissions to:
John Levack Drever
Research & Postgraduate Centre
Dartington College of Arts
Totnes, Devon
Tel: 01803 868683

Online Registration of Submissions at:
Programme Advisory Committee:
John Levack Drever (Chair), Dartington College of Arts, University of 
Plymouth, UK
Carlos Alberto Augusto, Euphonium, Portugal
Andrew Deakin, Middlesex University, UK
Dr. Peter Lennox, University of York, UK
Oliver Lowenstein, Fourth Door Review
Pedro Rebelo, University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr. Philip Tagg, University of Liverpool, UK
Dr. John-Paul Thibaud, Laboratoire CRESSON, France
Prof. Barry Truax, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Gregg Wagstaff, The Touring Exhibition of Sound Environments
Dr. Geraint A. Wiggins, City University, London, UK


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