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<nettime> STATEWATCH: FW: Greater EU secrecy through new code on access to information

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Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 3:25 PM
Subject: Greater EU secrecy through new code on access to information

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Code on public access to EU documents rewritten

A Decision to amend the code was adopted by EU governments through the
"written procedure" process on Monday 14 August. The new code, which
reduces transparency and completely undermines the EU commitment in the
Amsterdam Treaty (Article 255) to enshrine the public's right of access to
documents, was agreed at a COREPER meeting on 26 July with 10 Member
States voting in favour and three against (Sweden, Finland and
Netherlands). National parliaments and the European Parliament were not

Commentary and analysis of the new code, full-text documentation and
background to the policy development is available on the Statewatch


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