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<nettime> Open Content @rtCast

Open Content @rtCast

Broadcasting of audio/video clips over the Net is currently one of the
most prominent and most utilized services on the Internet. All ambitious
Web sites attempt to attract the eyeballs of the "streaming"  audience by
putting such multimedia material on-line. 

Artists, not-for-profit centers and media organizations, natural sources
of interesting and relevant material, tend to stay out of the loop. Either
their material is beyond producers of always-after-venture-capital
dot-coms, or they do not have resources and necessary technical skills to
broadcast and create networks. 

Location One has already established itself as a significant production
center of video clips exclusively made for the netcast,
(www.location1.org).  The major programs currently running at Location One

- @ir RaiD: Ted Byfield's interviews with political activists and
controversial artists; (www.location1.org/interview) 

- Locution: Bonnie Marranca's series of interviews with performance
artists;  (www.location1.org/locution) 

- Open Source @rtLab: gathers code and content producers and helps not-for
profit arts centers to establish their own netcasting capabilities and
reach an Internet audience, using Open Source tools and Location One
streaming capabilities and Open Source Streaming Alliance group

In addition to the existing programs, Location One is starting @rtCast, a
new streaming channel that will netcast selected art video work. The main
objective is to offer open channel for high quality Internet streaming of
artwork. Our curator, Harm Lux (harmlux@location1.org) will, through open
communications with artists worldwide, select work to be screened on

Artists and art institutions are encouraged to send videocassettes to
Location One. Each video work should be self-contained and
self-explanatory, with the title and author(s) clearly written in the
credits and on the tape itself. After a piece is selected for screening,
the authors will be notified by email that their work is selected for the
@rtCast channel as well as the precise time that the piece will be

Material should be submitted either in form of a video cassette (PAL/NTSC)
or, if available, in a computer-generated, digital format and mailed to: 

Open Content @rtCast Program
26 Greene street
NYC, 10013 NY

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