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<nettime> indyBULLETIN #2 from Melbourne


Please visit http://www.melbourne.indymedia.org/indybulletin.php3 to access 
the latest indyBULLETIN, documenting some stories related to the World 
Economic Forum meeting build-up.

The indyBULLETIN, this issue 4 pages, is created by a small group of people 
based in Melbourne and involved with 'alt' media stuff.

Some of the stories include:

	Reading Between the Lies; What is this man doing;
	Divisions in S11 over Anthem; Puppets Leading all the way;
	We've only just Begun - S19; Walking for Peace to Sydney;
	Book Extracts; Canadian Prime Minister Pied;
	Your Legal Rights; Misrepresenting the Movement;
	Solidarity Crosses Borders

- Sam.

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