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Dear Friends,

There are a few CEOs who could use your help.

As you know, Corporate Europe Observatory is a small collective of
researchers and activists targeting politically-oriented corporate
activity in Europe and beyond. In the past three years since CEO's
foundation we have worked hard on research and publications, media
outreach and support for activism, all with increasing success. A few
examples of our activities: 

 a regular newsletter, the Corporate Europe Observer, with articles on
the main corporate lobby groups and their lobbying activities in arenas
including the World Trade Organisation, the Trans-Atlantic Business
Dialogue, the European Union's treaty revision process and various
branches of the United Nations. Like all our publications, the Corporate
Europe Observer is provided for free through email lists and our website. 

 a book, Europe, Inc: Regional and Global Restructuring and the Rise of
Corporate Power, earlier this year. Europe, Inc.  synthesises CEO's
research and publications of the past years, and offers a unique and
comprehensive overview of the systematic ways in which transnational
corporations -- working through lobby groups -- have influenced important
international political decision- making. A French version of Europe, Inc.
has just been released and translations into Danish, German and a number
of other languages are on the way. 

 briefings and fact sheets targeting corporate interference in, among
others, the global climate treaty and the proposed WTO Millennium Round,
and putting the spotlight on corporate creations such as the International
Chamber of Commerce and the European Business Summit. 

 international activist strategy sessions, the most recent in October
1999 with thirty progressive activists and researchers in Cordoba, Spain,
as part of our mission to strengthen the international movement against
corporate political power and challenge the increasing power of industry. 

For 2000 and beyond, our plans include further activities on the proposed
WTO Millennium Round, the launching of a project monitoring
corporate-driven trade negotiations between the EU and Japan, researching
the booming European public relations industry, a meeting bringing
together the critical trade union movement and anti-corporate campaigners,
and the continued exposure of the disturbing and growing partnerships
between industry and the United Nations. We will continue to organise
protests in collaboration with local groups at meetings of the major
corporate lobby groups around the world, as well as at other significant
gatherings including the November UN climate negotiations in The Hague. 

You, our supporters, have provided us with extraordinary encouragement
over the past few years. You have let us know that the information we
provide is unique, useful and timely. Your support has been extremely
welcome, and very motivating, and we rely on your enthusiasm in order to
continue our work. 

Can You Help? 

But today, although our motivation remains high, our bank account is
almost empty. We pride ourselves on working on a shoestring budget, but we
are currently unable to make ends meet. We have gradually cut back on our
already-minimal salaries for staff, and are struggling to keep our
Amsterdam office running. We are not in danger of extinction, but we are
in dire need of some financial resuscitation in order to carry out the
ambitious plans we have for the coming period. Corporate funding is
obviously out of the question and government support not feasible. CEO
depends on a small number of progressive foundations, and on you! 

We would be extremely grateful for any financial contribution you can

Yours truly,

Belen Balanya, Ann Doherty, Olivier Hoedeman, Adam Ma'anit, Erik Wesselius
Corporate Europe Observatory

Payment details

If you live outside The Netherlands, we would prefer direct money
transfers to our bank account (cashing foreign cheques is unfortunately
very expensive). 

Bank: Postbank Amsterdam Swift code: ING BNL 2A Account nr: 7871040
Account holder: Corporate Europe Observatory, Amsterdam

P.S.: for a contribution of 100 guilders or more we will send you a copy
of "Europe, Inc." and you will receive the printed version of the
Corporate Europe Observer newsletter for a year. 

Corporate Europe Observatory
Paulus Potterstraat 20
1071 DA Amsterdam
tel/fax: +31-20-612-7023
e-mail: <>

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