Drazen Pantic on Wed, 20 Dec 95 23:50 MET

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No Subject

Hi everybody!

As I am a new face here, let me introduce opennet.org and myself. 

I am a professor at the Department of Mathematics of Belgrade University,
teaching probability theory. I do not need to mention that I am desperately
addicted to that that vital-virtual thing,  Net. 

opennet.org is a first domain from Belgrade fully and permanently connected
to the Inet.  Adrienne von Heteren from Amsterdam (now living in Belgrade)
and me have literally created Inet cite. The dream about being connected
started about year ego, and after a series of incredible difficulties and
obstacles finally we have solved our  ontological problem. Solving all kinds
of problems one can face making impossible dreams come true, we were often
forced to think over the essence of the being connected.

opennet.org is tied to Belgrade independent radio station B92 and connected
to incredible supportive xs4all in Amsterdam. In fact we are at the
beginning now, but I hope that the progress will be very fast, as there are
lot of open minded young people here who need to interact to similar people
over the net.

See you all in Amsterdam, January 18-21.

Regards to All