Pit Schultz on Sat, 23 Dec 95 18:07 MET

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irc /join #nettime 12/27/95 21:00 MEZ

dear nettimers, 

between the days, with a full stomach, we could try to 'meet',
for an experiment in disembodied dialogics and digital enlightment?
best wishes

(+) if you have ideas and plans or criticism on this list concerning
    the _next year_ just mail me. and please expect some unavoidable 
    technical improvements.


>@ 12/27/95 21:00 MEZ   have a good food and drink

>irc                    telnet before or use a client software

/join #nettime          a temporary channel

/topic                  every topic will take around 15 minutes, you can 
                        prepare something and paste it or just lurk in

'fun control'           fun is dangerous. that's why 'they' invented the
spectacle, and the bread. Anyway, how tastes digital

'pretorians'            what does a cyber-elite defend? on net.imperialism and 
                        it's intellectual garde. where is Brutus?

'net.pessimism'         thinking strategically about how new forms of
                        communication might fail and/or consolidate
                        the status quo

'techno-identities'     a lot of bad criticism/theory has been written
                        bout net-mediated "identities"; what do we

'RL syndicalism'        how can we use net-based technologies to facilitate
                        actual_ collaborations and mutual aid rather than
                        "virtual" ones?

...                    (thanks to ted, ati, dia, heath, and many more)