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nettime: !! participate e~scape museum !!

<e~scape museum>
Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria
*June 13 - June 30 1996*

Opening June 13, 19:00 hours local time: 
Guests: Arthur and Marielouise Kroker (CAN)
Music and Live-scanning: Scanner (UK)
Virtual guests: Critical Art Ensemble (USA)

e~scape museum is a show by Viennese Hypermedia-artist Konrad Becker,
co-founder of Public Netbase/t0 ( and chairman of the
Institute for New Culture Technologies. 

e~scape museum explores the intermediation of art and technology, society
and culture. 
An integral part of the show will be housed on the Internet and will allow
multimedia interaction by Internet users from all over the world.
The interactive hypermedia environment of sound, images and objects in the
Museum for Applied Arts  - a temporary territory installation - explores the
topology of e~scape and control. Public internet terminals by Public Netbase
will give visitors free access to the Internet. 

remote viewing - interactive billboard - spraying the walls 
Through a realtime-interaction application located at you are invited to
contribute to the show with text and image and thus actively work with the
Slogans, images and other are welcome and will be beamed into the exhibition. 

Variuos CuSeeMe Sites all over the World and a special installation at the
Kunsthalle Wien exhibition "Wunschmaschine Welterfindung" will give virtual
and real visitors the possiblity to communicate in realtime via video and sound.
Tune in to the e~scape museum web-pages to find out more about the Cu-See-Me
reflector and the interactive billboard system

Passwords will be spread only to the chosen few, including you: 
log in with username: remote
use password: view

Konrad Becker is a hyperreality researcher/developer and interdisciplinary
event designer. He is chairman of t0/ Institute for New Culture-Technologies,
(Public Netbase, BRAIN.VADER), the Institut  fr Wissenschaftliche Sensation
and Public Tranceport Systems.

 A founding member of Monoton, providers of fine electronic underground
music and psycho-acoustics since 1979. Manager of Serious Chiller Lounge,
T.R.I. (Trivial Research Industries) and F.R.E.E. Vienna (Fun Rise
Entertainment Enterprises). Presentations and publications include text,
video, music, installations and enviroments focusing on subjective science
and culture synthesis. 

Public Netbase t0, Institute for New Culture Technologies, in the Viennese
Museumsquartier is a plattform for public Internet Access and runs the t0
Webserver (Online Magazine, Hypermedia Applications). 

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