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nettime: ?: Genres in Digital Documents

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Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 08:22:58 PDT
From: Geoff Nunberg <nunberg@parc.xerox.com>


                          JANUARY 7 - 10, 1997
                              Maui, Hawai'i

We invite papers for a minitrack on "Genre in Digital Documents" as part of
the Information Systems track at the Hawaii International Conference on
System Sciences (HICSS).

It is becoming increasingly clear that the succcessful use of digital media
requires the emergence of new or transformed genres of digital
communication. By genres we mean not just particular technologies or modes
of communication or presentation (e.g., hypertext, email, the Web, and so
on), but complex communicative forms anchored in specific institutions and
practices -- the digital analogues, that is, of print forms like the
newspaper, the annual report, the how-to manual, the scholarly journal.

We invite papers that address digital genres from points of view like the
following -- though this list is intended to be suggestive, not exhaustive:

*       Issues in the transformation of print genres to digital form
*       Genres in digital search and classification
*       Genre theory and its application to digital documents
*       Investigations of genre in use
*       Analyses of particular document genres
*       Designing in support of genre

We invite two kinds of submissions: "position papers" that take on the
broad questions of the role of genre in our understanding of digital
documents, and  case studies, designs, or reports that shed light on
particular aspects of digital genres.

Please submit your paper to:

Geoffrey Nunberg                            Jan Pedersen
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center             Verity, Inc.
3333 Coyote Hill Road                       1550 Plymouth Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304                         Mountain View, CA 94043
ph:  415-812-4711                           ph: 415-960-7600
fax: 415-812-4777                           jpederse@verity.com

The purpose of HICSS is to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas,
research results, development activities, and applications among
academicians and practitioners in computer-based systems sciences. The
conference consists of tutorials, advanced seminars, presentations of
accepted papers, open forum, tasks forces, and plenary and distinguished
guest lectures.  There is a high degree of interaction and discussion among
the conference participants because the conference is conducted in a workshop-
like setting.

Instructions for submitting papers:

1.  Submit 6 (six) copies of the full paper, consisting of 20 - 25 pages
double-spaced including title page, abstract, references and diagrams
directly to the minitrack coordinator. Electronic submissions will be
accepted subject to prior arrangement with coordinators.

2.  Do not submit the paper to more than one minitrack.  The paper should
contain original material and not be previously published or currently
submitted for consideration elsewhere.

3.  Each paper must have a tile page which includes the title, full name of
all authors, and their complete addresses including affiliation(s),
telephone number(s) and e-mail address(es).

4.  The first page of the paper should include the title and a 300- word


July 15, 1996:   Abstracts submitted to track coordinators for guidance
and indication of appropriate content. Authors unfamiliar with HICSS or
those who wish additional guidance are encouraged to contact any
coordinator to discuss potential papers.

August 15, 1996:     Full papers submitted to the appropriate track, or
minitrack coordinator.

August 31, 1996:  Notification of accepted papers mailed to authors.

October 1, 1996: Accepted manuscripts, camera-ready, sent to minitrack
coordinators; one author from each paper must register by this time.

November 15, 1996: All other registrations must be received.  Registrations
received after this deadline may not be accepted due to space limitation.

The " Genres in Digital Documents" minitrack is part of the Digital Documents
Track.  The Digital Documents Track has several minitracks that focus on a
variety of research topics in hypertext, multimedia, and organizational
impacts.   For more information contact:

Ralph H. Sprague, Jr.               M. Stuart Lynn
E-mail: sprague@.hawaii.edu         mslynn@ucop.edu
(808) 956-7082                      Tel: 510-987-0405
FAX: (808) 956-9889                 Fax: 510-451-4340

Eileen Dennis (Track Assistant)
E-mail: edennis@uga.cc.uga.edu
FAX: (706)542-3743>

There are three other majors tracks in the conference:  Software Technology,
Digital Documents, and Advanced Technology. For more information on the other
tracks, please contact

Software Technology Track:

        Hesham El-Rewini         rewini@cs.unomaha.edu

Information Systems Track:

        Eileen Dennis            edennis@uga.cc.uga.ed

Advanced Technology Track:

        Ralph H. Sprague, Jr.    sprague@hawaii.edu

For more information on the conference, please contact the conference

Barbara Edelstein
College of Business Administration
University of Hawai'i
2404 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822
(808) 956-3251
FAX:  (808) 956-9685
e-mail: hicss@hawaii.edu

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