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nettime: discord. sabotage of realities. (URL)

MAY 1996

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION:                    Ute Vorkoeper / Inke Arns

discord. sabotage of realities
Week of Visual Arts Hamburg 1996


discord. sabotage of realities is being organized within the framework of 
the Week of 
Visual Arts in Hamburg. It will be shown in the Kunstverein and the 
Kunsthaus of this city from the 19th of November, 1996 to the 20th of 
January, 1997. The title is theme and strategy of an exhibition and action 
art project that intends to bring together a wide variety of different 
artistic positions of the Nineties.

The origin of the concept lies in the "Peace Biennale", which was initiated 
by Robert 
Filliou and realized by René Block in 1985 as a project of the Week of 
Visual Arts and shown in the Kunstverein and the Kunsthaus in Hamburg. The 
central motto of this show was "to show peace more excitingly than war". 
Filliou's concept, which had the goal of forming a world-wide artistic 
network for "peace-forming" art strategies, prompted a re-thinking and 
re-formulating of the questions originally raised. A new call for 
participation in a parallel project was initiated. However, utopian and 
moral expectations no longer stand in the foreground of the art-scape. 
Instead, art must test its ability to visualize increasingly unpeaceful 
realities. It should intervene in existing structures, and expose mistaken 
handlings of private, social and political realities so that they can be 
experienced in a suggestive or reflexive way.

The accompanying call for participation lists the planned structure of the 
Divided into six thematic zones (and mixtures of zones)  control, news 
everyday life, border politics, government power, science ficion and economy 
exhibition discord. sabotage of realities will reflect upon themes central 
to society's 
experience of reality as mirrord by art. A "heterotope" of art reality 
should come into 
being  a world parallel to the world, in which artworks are resocialized and 
palpable in their critical and subversive potential. It is a world of art in 
which the 
inconspicuous contents, definitions and attributions of our pluralistic 
realities are 
unveiled, doubled or distorted.

The call for participation will be distributed through several channels 
(press releases, 
mailing lists, international art schools and exhibition institutions, 
artists and critics). The concepts submitted by artists will be reviewed by 
a jury who will choose those to be realized. Artists invited will receive 
financial or material support in the execution of their concepts. A www-page 
will keep the public informed about the current developments of the project.

We would like to ask you to announce the call for participation with the 

application deadline: August 31st
locations: Kunstverein and Kunsthaus Hamburg
dates of exhibition: 19.11.1996 to 20.01.1997

concepts to:
un-frieden. sabotage von wirklichkeiten
Rutschbahn 37
D-20146 Hamburg
Tel/Fax: ++49-40-4104937

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