Thomas Hobbs on Wed, 29 May 96 21:29 MDT

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nettime: Online Creative Electronic Art Network- Ocean.

Online Creative Electronic Art Network.

Ocean is the under-graduate web server of the Interactive arts course, 
Newport UK.

It is intended to be a lot more than a base of information and images 
stactic and passive to its visiters.....

It has only gone on in its present form today (29 May 96) and is still in 
it early stages and need some tidying technically and aesthetically..

but check it.... visiters and there feed back will create the network!

Things like an Intercollege are intended projects to be built upon as 
well as developments with the visual online arts the expertise is here...
all we need is the outside to contribute.

take a look

thanks for your time

Tom Hobbs (e-mail me with any suggestions) 
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