dschin on Mon, 3 Jun 96 17:19 MDT

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Re: nettime: The Importance of Being Media

hi geert,

>  A Small Net in a Big World
>  Or: The Importance of Being Media
>  By Geert Lovink


>  Budapest, sunday morning (!), june 2nd (!), 1996.

alright, it is the date, that makes your very interesting
writings that important, that we will spread and discuss
your statements.

i personally do not agree with many of your points, and
think, that this will be a typically german autonomous/
anarchist-reaction. lots of things, you are stating about
THE WORLD, do not relate do the situation here in hamburg,
in the north of germany ...

we will try to generate a collectively discussed answer
in the next time, to further continue the good 
attitude of your initiative.

the date?

the second june of 1996 we were at a rave-party 
northeast of hamburg, an island with sand, stones,
water, cliffs, beach, lots of grass, fires, and 
goa-acid-ambient-jungle-dub-trance-techno-music ... 
there was an open-secret celebration of the hypernating
of timothy leary a few days ago going on at the 
same place ... and there was rain - no summer yet
in germany, so far, this year ... window of twenty
hours no-rain opened up and thousands of people 
were dancing like heaven ... it was all legal - but 
the police was there, waiting, a few kilometers
away ... we met a guy, who celebrated his thirty-
ninth birthday, born the second of june 199? , 
his car was from frankfurt ... 1967, the same day, 
lots of things went different, benno ohnesorg was shot 
in germany, at a student manifestation ... a few years 
later one of the most successfull guerilla groups in
germany called themselves 

which became a uniting line later for lots of movements:


So, if we really want to change things, not only talk
about it, this date seems to be a really good date 
to change levels ... 

the party?

was blown away by more rain ... and will go on ...
1996 has a very, very, very slow start, but will
speed and heat up pretty fast, suddenly ...

hamburg, 3.6.96

dschin-medienkollektiv, frieder

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