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Re: nettime: Rewired

At 8:54 AM  +0100 6/18/96, MediaFilter wrote:
> (David Hudson) wrote:
>>...Who was it that decided
>>the Web is the Net's killer app anyway? And if some of the smartest and
>>richest and most powerful movers and shakers are putting their heads
>>together on the Web, Why isn't it working?
>MediaFilter replies:
>Content is the killer app...<br>
>Any effective  carrier is its medium.<br>
>Don't limit your options.
><a href="">MediaFilter</a>

I'm not sure what content is in the absense of containers. Does a face to
face conversation consist of "content". Isn't the Net really just a Great

It seems to me that human connection is the Net's killer app. And if the
Web isn't working, and that seems an open question, perhaps it's because
it's not yet conversational enough.


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