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nettime: ISP shuts Berserkistan

>Comments: Authenticated sender is <horvitzr@[]>
>From: "Robert Horvitz" <>
>Organization: OSI Internet Program
>To:,    ,
>Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 18:36:00 +1GMT
>Subject: ISP shuts Berserkistan
>Priority: normal
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To network administrators:

Because of the conditions revealed below, an initiative has begun to
filter out all incoming connections from and
in a sesnse, a "Net Embargo"....Please configure your network to deny all
connections from and

Please forward this to other network administrators.

Read on and you'll see why:

>Tom/Tom/Paul - do any of you have an email address for
>Berserkistan that does NOT go to Earthlink?  Thanks in
>advance!    >BOB<
>From: (Steven Albert)
>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 17:45:13 -0500
>Subject: BosNet News:  Cult pulls plug on Bezerkistan
>Editor's Notice: Bezerkistan the excellent Web site on Bosnia is being
>forced off the NET by its Internet provider. Because Bezerkistan has
>lost its E mail we did not even get the chance to ask their permission
>to post this story. We wish them luck in their fight to survive.
> TUESDAY June 18   EarthLink Network Pulls Plug on Berserkistan and
>              Kills Its EMail Service
>      EarthLink Network, the Scientology-run internet
>      service provider Berserkistan has used since its
>      inception is forcing Berserkistan off the Web and
>      has killed all our EMail. We're sorry, readers, but
>      EarthLink, which is about to mount an initial public
>      offering, has been unable to deliver your EMail
>      since last Thursday.
>      Today, their web ops ground to a halt. preventing us
>      from publishing the morning edition of Berserkistan.
>      Sky Dayton, the 24-year-old boy genius behind
>      EarthLink, is also pulling the plug on Berserkistan,
>      forcing us off their service because we complained
>      about their inability to operate as a professional
>      internet company. We're trying to re-locate,
>      friends, but should Berserkistan suddenly vanish
>      because of EarthLink's ineptitude or cult-based
>      mentality, we'll be back. We promise.
>Robert Horvitz, International Coordinator, OSI Internet Program
>Motokov Building - Room 518, Na Strzi 63, 140 62 Praha 4, Czech
>Rep., tel 42 2 6114-2751, fax 6114-2750, email

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