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nettime: international public access radio on Shortwave


NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association and WRMI (Radio Miami
International) signed today an agreement to provide small cultural radio
program producers access to radio audiences in the Americas, Europe and
North Africa, and encourage listener-supported international radio.

Milano, Italy - 26 April, 1996 : Representatives of Radio Miami
International and NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association met in
Milano, Italy, today to sign an agreement that will favour "international
public access radio" on Shortwave.

The two organizations agreed to join forces to create a system of
"international public access  radio" whereby small producers of cultural
radio programs can have the same access to international airwaves that large
governments, political and religious organizations already have. Presently,
most international Shortwave radio stations are owned by governments and
large religious organizations who generally do not support the concept of
private or individual radio broadcasting, and do not allow such
organizations to purchase airtime on their facilities.

In the United States, the concept of "public access" broadcasting has
existed for quite some time. Small independent program producers may
broadcast their material on different stations at little or no cost, but
this has generally been limited to local cable television stations. However,
the concept has never been taken to the level of a national or international
radio station, and nothing on this scale has ever existed in Europe.

Representatives of the two organizations stated that this new concept should
be attractive to clubs, cultural associations, free radio producers and even
individuals in many countries who have a message for the world. For the
first time, these types of small program producers will have access to the
same wide-reaching media used by the most influential governmental and
religious broadcasters around the world.

Shortwave radio has been used for six decades by mostly governments to
broadcast political messages. Despite the advent of satellites, cable and
Internet, Shortwave radio continues to maintain a large and faithful
audience around the world as new, compact, sophisticated receivers have come
onto the marketplace at prices everyone can afford. For just the cost of a
small portable receiver, listeners can get first-hand information on world
events, lifestyles in different countries, as well as music and
entertainment from almost anyplace on earth. And unlike some of the newer
technologies, there are no subscription fees, encoded programs and bulky
equipment to deal with.

NEXUS-IBA is a non profit organization which operates IRRS-Shortwave, a
radio station in Milan, Italy, covering all of Europe, the Mediterranean and
North Africa on Shortwave. Radio Miami International operates station WRMI
in Miami, Florida, which reaches North and South America and the Caribbean.
By means of this new joint venture, virtually anyone can afford to have a
program on international airwaves at a cost of only one U.S. dollar per
minute. At this cost, small cultural program producers will be entitled to
the use of both stations, thus reaching a potential audience
of millions of listeners.

Producers who wish to obtain more information about the new international
public access radio provided jointly by NEXUS-IBA and WRMI may contact via
E-mail at : or:

In Europe :
NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association,
PO Box 11028,
I-20110 Milano,
Fax : +39-2-706-38151
Telephone : +39-2-266-6971
E-mail :

In the Americas :
Radio Miami International,
P.O. Box 526852,
Miami, Florida 33152,
Fax +1-305-267-9253
Telephone +1-305-267-1728
E-mail :

More information is also available on the World Wide Web at :
Alfredo E. Cotroneo                  PO Box 11028, 20110, Milano, Italy
Phone: +39-335-214-614 (try first) / +39-2-266-6971
email:                           fax: +39-2-706-38151


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