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nettime: Pleasure Kits


We try to carry only the highest quality mediation. 

Stimulation Kits

Love Collection Kit - Stare out of the window and the fun begins. 
Man's Kit #1 - Binoculars, notebook, pencil and locomotive guide. 
Man's Kit #2 - FM scanner, camera, flask of tea and magazine. 
Precious Collection Kit - Hardware with unique features. 
Overnighter - Stimulating spacial contraction and more. 
Midnight Special - Variety is the spice of the indescribable .
The Octopus - Eight Interchangeable parts with dual powered battery pack. 
Temporal Pleasures - Collection of transitions for Vunerabilty Adventure.
Gateway - Find the sensations of the famous Gateway.
Mini Max - Portable stimulation system.
Mini and Maxi Inocense Kit - Four devises of distant illusion. 
Lover's Kit - An expectation of distant reward. 
Mini Powerhouse Kit - Awareness and more. 
Fantastic Journey Kit - Go on a fantastic journey with threshold stimulation.
Triple Tendacy to Chaos Kit - Televison with remote control. 

Special Occasion Gift Kits

Bride and Groom Kit - Fantasy costumes and tasty funstuff for believers.
Party Kit for Him and Her - Great for any special occasion. 
Lets Celebrate - Collection of sunsets, centenaries, birthdays etc. 
Nomadic Getaway - Just the ticket for a nomadic interlude. 
Black Tie Kit - Designed to create a fictional and memorable mediation. 
Grass and Sky - Fun essentials for enchanted gazing at the sky interludes. 
Adult Play and Fantasy Collection - A collection of treats for your past and
After Dinner Delight - Go for a circular walk. 

If you need something specific or have any questions or comments.
Please send a message to heath@cybercafe.org. We will respond.

We use your comments to improve our product selection. 

-- berlin

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