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nettime: I/O/D 3

I/O/D 3


I/O/D is a interactive magazine available free over the internet.
Featuring art, sound, text and images from an international array of
contributors.  It has gained a strong following amongst interactive
designers as well as general computer users as a result of its dedication
to finding the most awkward and interesting nooks and crannies in
multimedia.  A new issue has just been published.

I/O/D 3

Much of the work known to you as <multimedia> treats its constituent media
in certain ways during the process of interpretation into an <interactive>
application.  Images are chewed up at a rate-of-knots and mulched into
background eye-candy and spastic <micons>.  Sounds belch a simulation of
the process of feedback at the user's every mouse-click and key-stroke.
Text is taken out of its familiar habitat and transposed into a
differently-abled facsimile of itself.

I/O/D 3 disrupts the homogenised multimedia application environment to
expose a playground in and between the dodgy proprietary software on your

Masquerading as a rudimentary form of component software technology, this
issue of I/O/D shuns the top-down approach of application led interactive
media product to let loose the characteristics qualities of each piece of
data in its own right.

-  Situated between content-rich applications, <Index> is our first
offering.  Use it, after consenting to our licensing agreement, as one way
to open I/O/D 3 applications.

-  Staring at the small screen, Ronald Sukenick's <Static Story for Small
Screen> dares the image to match its own dynamic.  This is a piece of
interaction that we recommend that you print, and go outside to read.

-  <Utility> by Paquito Bolino is the Disk Doctor struck off for messin'
with the methadone.  We think you'll find it useful.

-  Dante's vision of hell, or Desktop metaphor?  <Limbo> by the London
Psychogeographical Association has installed itself into your operating

Where can I get it?
I/O/D 3 is available (along with all other issues of I/O/D) to download from:

For further information contact:
Post:  I/O/D, BM Jed, London WC1N 3XX, UK

Technical Requirements:
To run, I/O/D requires a Macintosh with at Least 8 Megabytes of RAM, Quick
Time and 14 inch colour monitor.

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