Lothar Truemper on Fri, 26 Jul 96 02:24 MDT

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Re: nettime: Content Pollution

:      Forget About Getting More Net Content; First We Have To Get Rid of
:      All the Garbage

:      More likely, we will need government action. A bit tax could be
:      levied on Compuserve, Delphi, Prodigy, AOL and the like, with the
:      promise of a Packet Mountain where this stuff will be safely
:      entombed for 10,000 years.

We cannot get rid of all that garbage and it even does not make
sense to get rid of it, because it is a significant describing fact
of new electronic mass-media!
As the author states, we are producing the (main part of) garbage
ourselves. This has ever been a problem, from history till now! A
book containig usefull contents for myself may contain boring or 
useless information for anybody else, depending on a great variety
of items, from socialization to actual psychic fitness. E.g. kidding
in a serious discussion might be garbage for the spectators, but it
can also make a lot of fun (depending on what you expected). So,
why not describe and understand this medium as 'polluted with a
certain amount of garbage'!? What's wrong with commercials in 
TV-News as long as you can switch to HBO? What's wrong (with you)
when you can't find the information you are looking for!??
You lost some time, you lost some money and you occupied some
bandwidth. That's all - and perhaps the next time, you'll look for
appropriate tools for your research! (btw: Tools are another reason
for garbage). So I reach the conclusion that it's nescessary to
_increase_ e.g. e-mail output in order to make it impossible to
build up information-monopolies. "But all the garbage I have to
consume for getting the information I'm looking for!", I hear You
asking? Hold on - stay tuned - and go on writing! We found it and
now we have to learn to handle it! This is not the end...

Greetings to all nettime-l.subscribers (couldn't resist!) ;-)

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