Pit Schultz on Sun, 5 May 96 00:08 MDT

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nettime: Reinventing Net Critique

                    CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 

                         (+)( )(-)

            ZKP2, at 5Cyberconf, Madrid, 6-9Jun96 
       R E I N V E N T I N G   N E T   C R I T I Q U E
                  the second nettime reader
                 15 days of e-text gathering
                     DEADLINE 15MAY96  

        localized paper version: 200 pages, 200 copies
                 and online text collection                
            info: geert@xs4all.nl, pit@contrib.de 
          send textes to: nettime@is.in-berlin.de
      weight              keywords              genres
    L:     1K        future of future           essays
    X:    10K          wire politics          manifestos
   XL:    20K     reports from the borders     reports  
  XXL:   <30K          cybersickness            shorts
 SXXL:   >30K           get a-life            e-archives

        expected participants: the members of nettime
                         AND YOU!

 obligatory note#1: ZKP2 is a time based project. Reinventing 
 net critique means that nettime represents your writings at
 5cyberconf in Madrid and on the web as well at the right moment.
 It reaches certain channels to infiltrate the wired discourse
 machine and tries to modulate myth building processes with
 external noise, euro-negativity and illegal knowledge. It will
 reflect the recent changes in net politics, web-euphoria, 
 sociotronic situation, escape from online-life, virtuality
 tunnels, to report on local climate and a subjective view on
 what is called 'The Net' as universal mirror of collective wish 
 ZKP2 is dedicated to collect different subjective perspectives
 not pluralistic but heterogenous, not interdisciplinarian but
 intensive, based on near-life-experiences, and almost finished
 work. It'll contain a skeleton of strong, serious and long
 textes, and around a multiplicity of shorts, views, comments,
 aphorisms, blather, flashes, ideas. YOU can decide on which
 weight/genre/(new) keyword you like to participate. Step into
 little practise! feed nettime, if you like it to be a
 sustainable info-environment for you.
# Pit Schultz, Kleine Hamburger Str. 15, 10117 Berlin, pit@contrib.de

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