Steve Cisler on Mon, 29 Jul 96 17:46 METDST

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Re: nettime: The New Sobriety

Thanks to David Hudson for mentioning the Internet Society meeting.
When I get my report finished, I'll post it here.  I attended the
main conference as well as the Board of Trustees meetings for
two dayy. They are open to any member, but only one or two showed up
besides the board.

There was, indeed, a whole track of papers somewhat critical about
the Net or trend in the evolution of the Net, and some of them were
pretty interesting, but the attendance was sparse compared to the
regular tracks (technical and administrative ones).  The size of
the meeting rooms made a good Q&A session difficult, and since some
of the people just read their papers, what you get from reading them
from the web site will be about as effective as if you
had been there.

The mainstream keynotes had none of the negativity and questioning
of direction that ran through some of the papers.  However, there
was a very good 'death of the Internet' session with lots of heavy
hitters making some good technical observations.

Steve Cisler
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