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Re: <nettime> Piran / Zero Work

On Mon 06/02/97 at 10:48 PM, Richard Barbrook wrote:

> So let me counter-quote from Fred Engels writing about anarchists to Paul
> Lafargue (30/12/1871):
> "All these fine ultra-radical and revolutionary phrases merely serve to
> conceal the utter poverty of ideas and the most complete ignorance of the
> conditions in which the daily life of society is carried on."

Indeed. Unfortunately, it was Marx much more than Engels who
mastered immanent critique; so it was Engels, much more than
Marx, who was given over to silly proclamations like the one
you've quoted. One can announce that life as it's lived is a
state of continual revolution, or one can denounce the lives
we lead for failing to be revolutionary; neither claim bears
much effect, but both privilege the shining ideal of revolu-
tion over what it champions, i.e., life as we would live it.

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