Jon Lebkowsky on Wed, 4 Jun 1997 16:48:40 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> you say you want a rave-o-lution

Sez  nettime's elijah, via Radiomail:

>No oligarch is going to allow the world to truly go out-of-control.  All
>that's happened is a shift in planning techniques (towards complexity and
>chaos control) and in planning goals (from growth to dark age "stability").
>Surely, we're not the credulous, are we?

The implied assumption here is that some omnipotent oligarch sits among the
Illuminati, his godlike control of social, psychic, and historical force
such that he (or she? The Borg Queen? can ensure there will be no cessation
of "control," whatever that is.  Somehow this  doesn't quite jibe with the
earlier comment:

>The point in the U.S. is to get
>everyone online by 2006 (give or take) in order to use these systems to
>re-define "democracy" away from representation towards opinion polling.

This suggests that the same Illuminati or their minions are re-engineering
the U.S. flavor of democracy so that it is more mob, less controlled.

Political forces within the U.S. fall somewhere between oligarchy and
democracy,  within rule by the few and rule by the many. The checks and
balances are so many and so complex, I could never nail 'em all.

As for the latest manifesto down the pipe, the real revolution is not in
the streets, but in the heart.  And it's not an intellectual thing, but a
reassessment and revitalization of human emotion so desensitized by sensory
assault and perceptual confusion.  We have been so fucked over that we
don't know what to feel, we don't know what feelings are; reclaiming that
heroic ability to love, fear, and inspire...that's the nature of the
revolution I'll throw in with, and fuck all the archy and ocracy.

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