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<nettime> Micro-power radio free speech

Several free speech advocates will host the
West Coast Micro-power Radio Conference #3
which will happen June 20 and 21 at the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic
Workers Local 1-675. The address is 1200 East 220th Street in Carson,
California.  For more information, contact Paul Griffin at (510)
848-1455 or Lee Ballinger at (310) 398-4477.

This event is a benefit for the  Napoleon Williams Defense Fund and
the National Lawyers Guild Center for Democratic Communications.  In
the past four years, communities all over America have defied the FCC
and the corporate media monopoly by creating micro-power radio
stations.  We intend to promote this movement by giving people the
knowledge and skills needed to start up new radio stations.  Here is
the schedule for events: Friday, June 20  8:00 PM
     Speaker's Panel featuring
     Stephen Dunifer (Free Radio Berkeley)
     Annie Voice (San Francisco Liberation Radio)
     Lee Ballinger (Rock and Rap Confidential)
     Billy Jam (Hip Hop Slam)
     Black Rose (Black Liberation Radio)
and others followed by  a videotape about the micro-power radio
movement and some live music. 

Saturday, June 21       Micro-power Workshops and Strategy Session
      10:00 AM     Registration and General Introductions
     11:00 AM     Workshops Round #1
     12:30 PM   Lunch Served by Food Not Bombs
     1:30 PM    Workshops Round #2
     3:00 PM    Workshops Round #3
     4:30 PM    Final Strategy Session
Some the workshop topics include transmitter  assembly, vocal work and
story telling, mobile broadcasting, learning from our mistakes,
getting free stuff from record companies, operating audio equipment,
interviewing techniques, legal questions, facilitation of group
meetings, using the internet, making tapes for broadcast,
 and more!  Registration (sliding
No one will be turned away for lack of funds, so come and be a part of
this event!
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