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Re: <nettime> Re: The Piran Nettime Manifesto

Looking at Richard Barbrook's recent comments - 

>First, the rejection of so-called 'make-work schemes' is grotesque. We live
>on a continent where a large percentage of our fellow citizens are condemned
>to poverty and misery because they are prevented from earning an income by
>contributing their labour to meet social needs. There is absolutely nothing
>radical about condemning efforts by governments to 'make work' for those
>excluded and marginalised from society. By rejecting state employment
>initiatives, the manifesto is in effect supporting the social deprivation
>being imposed on our fellow citizens by neo-liberalism. Its signatories are
>guilty of exactly the same sort of social autism displayed by the
>Californian ideologues!

>Universal access is our goal: broad-band fibre for all!

- i have to ask myself (and him) how much this "theorising" is merely
ground-laying (perhaps one should say "grundrisse") for his hope to become
an advisor on the Labour party's rumoured scheme to manipulate the
unemployment figures by organising large groups of people (in association
with British Telecom) to dig holes in the roads and lay fibre all over
Britain over the next few years. 

Can Richard please let me know if this is true, or merely a vicious piece
of hearsay?

Jim Flint

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