David Hudson on Tue, 10 Jun 1997 01:29:19 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> more Ljubljana URLs

At 10:02 PM 6/9/97, Jeremiah (by way of Pit Schultz <pit wrote:
>The following address contains text & images
>from the Ljubljana Nettime discourse on netart:

And at 8:20 PM 6/5/97, Tilman Baumgaertel wrote:
>is the right one:

And at 3:36 PM 6/1/97, Marie Ringler wrote:
>    pictures from press conference at netbase
>    and more ljubljana
>    at http://www.t0.or.at/foto/nettime

Excellent URLs, all. So naturally, I'm hesitant to add a few of my own, but
I can't resist. Here's a report auf Deutsch...


...which actually reads better than my English original which can now be
viewed at...


...which was put up to accompany Inke Arns and Andreas Broeckmann's very
fine "Small Media Normality for the East", featured in the ZKP4. For those
of you who haven't yet got your hands on a "hard copy" of ZKP4, a slightly
new and very much improved (by the authors) English version is now
appearing at Rewired:


Each of the seven parts, over seven days, Mon thru Sun.

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