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Local Knowledge - Global Wisdom
June 22 and 23 Toronto Canada
FIS - University of Toronto - 140 St. George St. - Room 728

"Local Activist Group to upstage World Bank and expose Global Agenda"

The World Bank and the Government of Canada will be holding an international
conference in Toronto from June 22 until June 25 titled: "Global Knowledge
'97". Participation in this event is by invitation only and the cost of
attending is $750. The purpose of the event is to discuss the emerging
global economy and the role of information technology in the development and 
operation of the 'Global Village'.

The Toronto Media Collective, a diverse and dynamic group, is organizing a
counter event, called "Local Knowledge - Global Wisdom". We seek to create a
forum running in parallel to Global Knowledge that is publicly accessible
and celebrates the strength and need for the reinforcement of Local Knowledge
and Global Wisdom. For two days Local Knowledge will hold an open public
forum in which a narrative will be created and action taken towards
challenging the economic and technological determinism surrounding
Global Knowledge, while creating an environment to discuss alternatives.

While the World Bank is organizing this exclusionary and elitist conference
to discuss Global Knowledge, 29 countries via the OECD are trying to
quietly draft the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, and in essence
undermine the sovereignty of the modern nation-state. Part of the drive behind
Local Knowledge is to discuss what is really transpiring at the global
level, in terms of political, economic, technological and social
development, as well as discussing the options for local organizing, action,
and empowerment.

Local Knowledge is an open public event, and we encourage any individuals or
groups who feel that they are involved in the creation, development, and 
protection of diverse indigenous knowledge or global wisdom to participate
in this event. The structure of the event will be a facilitated open
discussion with three main areas of focus: Narrative, Tools, and Action.
Local and International experts and non-experts will be contributing to the
pool of free knowledge.

Sunday June 22 - FIS - Room 728

10:00 am - 11:00 am: Orientation, Registration, and Organization
The Wake-Up Session for Early Birds interested in either influencing or 
contributing to the day's activities.

11:00 am - 1 pm: The Narrative: What's Really Going Down
Deconstructing the Global Corporate Agenda:
Convergence, Electronic Money, Surveillance, Media Concentration,
Multilateral Agreement On Investments, Internet, I-War,
Globalization, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Networks,
Megacities, Monoculture & Agro-Export, Intellectual Property,
Genetic Patenting, Labour Exploitation and the Future of Work.

1pm - 2pm: Free Lunch by Food Not Bombs
A Free Vegan Feast for Peace

2pm - 5pm: The Environment: How Are We Living
Articulating and Celebrating Alternatives:
Who, What, Where, and How are we creating alternatives?
Food, Shelter, Clothing, Health, Self-Determination, and Identity,
Clean Air and Water, Democratic Municipalism / Social Ecology,
Sustainable Communities, and Co-Operative Land Holding

After 5pm: Open Format and Party (Location To Be Announced)
Get on Down and Get on Up - A Funky Uprising

Monday June 23 - FIS - Room 728

3pm - 6pm: Tools For Action: Responding, Resisting, and Reclaiming
An Open Discussion on Organizing Local Knowledge and Global Wisdom:
Building Local Responses to Globalization

The structure of the whole event is fluid, and additional workshops,
seminars, or activities can be organized and held spontaneously. We have
access to public space, and may continue the event to run in parrallel with 
Global Knowledge '97, depending upon interest and attendance. The event will be 
located at a space that is wheelchair accessible, and child care may be 
available, call to verify.

If you would like to get involved in the event, please contact and join the
organizing team. Via phone we can be reached at (416) 812-6765. Or we can
also be reached via our email list on the internet:, which can
be joined via sending email to with the commands in the
body 'subscribe lk97' (no quotes).

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