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Von:	Jordan Crandall, INTERNET:xaf@interport.net
An:	Tilman Baumgaertel, Tilman_Baumgaertel
Datum:	12.06.1997 15:38

Betreff:Re: documenta


perhaps you would like to subscribe to the dX forum I am organizing which
starts today.

here is info:

Announcing a documenta X forum on spatial articulations,
perspectives, and procedures
organized by Blast

12 June through 28 September 1997
via mailinglist and
or http://www.documenta.de/deutsch/blasta.htm

SUBSCRIBE through the site above, or
send email to majordomo@forum.documenta.de with the
following single line in the message body:  
subscribe blast 

FORUM HOSTS: Jordan Crandall, Keller Easterling, Alexander
Galloway, Sulan Kolatan and William MacDonald, Bracha
Lichtenberg-Ettinger, Henry Urbach


ARTICULATIONS.  The articulations, interventions, and
agential positions that constitute contemporary
differential, networked spaces. Local interventions that
illuminate and rework existing spaces, as well as
practices that develop alternate spaces.  Modes of
signification.  Space as contextualization or
"environmenting"--a knowledge/practice formation that ties
together diverse modalities.  Forms of spatial
representation and the struggles for voice,
materialization, and control that are initiated and
registered therein.  Space as figuration; figuration as
space.  Spatial actors, including object-agencies and
their alliances.      

PERSPECTIVES:  The visual faculty necessary to access such
formations, its embodied forms and orientations.  New
viewing agencies and multiple, situated viewpoints
(analytic, subjective, visual).  Emerging bodily
capacties, temporalities, and alignment modes. 
Diffractions that displace and augment the reflective,
registering non-reflective identity and identifying modes. 
The politicization of the viewpoint.  Perspective after
the condensation and implosion of space.  Perspectives
embedded in "communication enhancements" and their market
structures, including cellularity, speed, mobilization,
and manipulation of scale (especially miniaturization). 
Renaissance-based visual conventions as normalizations or
naturalizing techniques.

PROCEDURES:  Procedures of subjectification and
objectification and their apparatus.  The significatory,
material, and technical procedures that register and
determine space and agency.  Contestatory sites.  The
vehicle:  the body/machine/image complex and its
procedures of orientation, re-alignment, acclimation, and
travel. Procedures that link bodily and machinic rhythms
together in new behavioral patterns.  The formatting of
space according to diverse protocols, and the agents and
apparatuses of these protocols.  Forms of navigation,
action, organization, and in/habitation that span these
diverse spatial formats.  The terms of access.  Space as
the access, incorporation, and socialization of pattern.     

documenta X    Kassel and http://www.documenta.de 

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