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<nettime> ART CITY

a story for the new city

The Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje  invites you to the promotion
of the project  ARTCITY  on Friday, 13.  June, which will take place
in H'vzi Pashini Konaci (Havzi Pasha Palace), Skopje, Macedonia. 

- 25 Macedonian painters, sculptors, installation artists and 
performance artists will take place in the promotion of the project. -
Rock Concert by String Forces -  GOA Techno Party 

The Palace has been built around 1840 by the Turkish nobleman Havzi
Pasha as his private residence. It is found in the village Bardovci -
6 kilometers from the center of Skopje. The walls of the Palace, which
have the shape and function of a fortress, are with an area of 25.000
square meters. The complex is divided in three parts. 1. The Residence
of Havzi Pasha (or "Selamluk" - the mens Palace) in the right 2. In
the Western  part of the complex is the womens residental part
(Haremluk). 3. The commercial part is in the Eastern part of the

The Residences of the Pasha as well as most of the objects in the
commercial part of the complex have been totally destroyed in the
Second World War. The Army has been using the complex as a garage for
trucks up to the independence of Macedonia. 

This action will signify the  conquering of this space by 
the artists and the begining of the practical process of
opening of 20 ateliers for the artists.

Besides these ateliers the complex will consist of : 
- Workshops in which domestic and foreign artists are invited
- Gallery 
- Library 
- Lecture Hall
- Cafe
- a smaller and a larger scene for theatrical and musical 
performances - Appartments for the guests of Art City - A Computer & 
Internet Center 

Several of the aletiers will be offered for rent to the International
Art Community. This will enable , on one hand, investment in the
building of the space, and on the other hand, a permanent exchange of

For further information please contact

Zoran Petrovski
Director of Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje
Samoilova BB, PO BOX. 482, 91000 SKOPJE
tel: 117.734; 117.735

Melentie Pandilovski
assistant director

Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje
Ruzveltova 34
91000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Tel/Fax: 389.91.361.855
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