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Parallel Space: The Geography of Virtual Worlds

A one day conference,
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

5th July 1997

Part of the ICA/ACE series:
"Towards the Aesthetics of the Future"

Walls are going up in cyberspace.  The use of architectural 
models and the increasing privatisation of information are 
creating boundaries within the communication space of the 
internet.  But as in the "real" world,  artists and activists 
are colonising the fluid terrain in between.  This one-day 
conference brings together demonstrations of the latest 
technologies for building virtual worlds with critical 
perspectives and projects from artists, geographers and 
cultural commentators. Parallel Space is an attempt to map 
the real and virtual territories of the information age.

09.30		Registration

10.00 - 12.00	Construction
Speakers:  McKenzie Wark, author of the book "Virtual 
Geographies: Living with Global Media Events" and 
lecturer at McQuarie University, Australia, Simon Bore, Managing 
director of interactive 3D design company OKUPI, and
Chair of the London Virtual Reality Group, Doreen Massey, 
Professor of Geography at the Open University and author of 
the book: "Space, Place and Gender".

12.00 - 13.30	Lunch: demonstrations

13.30 - 15.30	Exploration
Speakers: Constance Penley, Professor of Cultural Studies at 
the University of Santa Barbara and author of the new book:
"Nasa/Trek",  Inke Arns writer and curator based in Berlin, 
involved in artists' strategies in the Central European region, 
Steve Benford, Department of Computer Science, The University of 
Nottingham and Iain Borden, architectural historian and lecturer 
at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

16.00 - 18.00	Excavation
Derek Richards and Janice Cheddie of Displaced Data, collective 
of artists' and writers of Colour, and curators of the recent 
"Translocations " exhibition at London's Photographers Gallery, 
Matthew Cornford and David Cross, artists interested in public, 
private, and architectural space and Scott Lasch, Professor of 
Sociology at the University of Lancaster and co-author of 
"Economies of Signs and Space. 

10.00 - 19.00	Nash/Brandon Room 

Demonstrations of some of the latest hardware and software for 
3-dimensional modelling, the latest versions of on-line, multi-
user virtual worlds. Includes work by Avon Huxor and Tracey 
Mattieson, Tom Corby adn Peter Maloney from the Virtual Reality
as a Fine Art Medium research project at Chelsea School of Art
and Design, work students from the MA in Virtual Environments at 
the Bartlett School of Architecture, and projects produced as
part of the Digital Cities commissions programme of Channel.

Open to all with day membership.

Tickets:  20/15 ICA members and concessions
	  10 ICA minimalist members

Members booking opens on 20th June.
Non-Members booking opens on 25th June.

Box Office: 0171 930 3647
The Mall
London SW1

Parallel Space has been programmed by Lisa Haskel with Will Bell
and ICA talks.
With thanks to: Simon Bore, Steve Burr, Tom Corby, Avon Huxor,
Peter Maloney, Tracey Matthieson, Sheep, Neil Spillar, Sean
Varney, Simon Worthington and Pauline van Mourik Broekmann.
Equipment kindly loaned by Integraph and the Bartlett School of 

Towards the Aesthetics of the Future is an ICA/Arts Council of 
England collaboration.

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