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<nettime> (Fwd) SEAFAir 97 Festival

The Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia 
invites you to the promotion of SEAFAIR '97
and the opening of Altering Visions of the Net 

in the Museum of Contempory Art  Skopje
on Tuesday, 24.06.1997; 20.00 hrs.


The following projects will be presented in the framework of Altering
Visions on the Net:

Worlds With-in (Van Gogh TV)
Karel Dudesek, Tim Becker, Martin Schmitz

Petco Durmana (Bulgaria)

X Project  (Irational)
Heath Bunting (Great Britain)

The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project 
Brad Brace (New Zeland)

Alexei Shulgin (Russia)

Face Setting 
Kathy Rae Huffman/Eva Volgemuth (USA/Austria)

interno/inferno, 0.html (Intima)
Igor Stromajer (Slovenia)

Robert Adrian (Canada/Austria)

The Alpha to Omega of Marketing
Simon Poulter and Ros Huxley (Great Britain)

Variety Is ...
Lissa Hutton (USA)

Bionic Codes
Ebon Fisher (USA)

Mark America (USA)                                                    
Beast (tm)
Jacques Servin (USA)

Kostia V. Mitenev (Russia)

My Boyfriend Came Back From The War
Olia Lialina (Russia)

Heaven & Hell
Olia Lialina (Russia)/ Michael Samyn (Belgium)

Welcome Back to the Empire (CefCA - SCCA - Skopje)
Melentie Pandilovski (Macedonia)

Laika - the True Story (CefCA - SCCA - Skopje)
Nada Prlja, Stefan Buzarovski, Aleksandar Zdravkovski, Miroslav
Stojanovik (Macedonia)

Cyborg (CefCA - SCCA - Skopje)
Nikola Velkov and Dejan Spasovik (Macedonia)

Seeing the Sound (CefCA - SCCA - Skopje)
Bogdan Grabuloski and Violeta Blazeska (Macedonia)
Program of Altering Visions on the Net
Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje

Day 1:   24.06
Opening 20.00hr.
- Worlds With-in (Karel Dudesek, Van Gogh TV)
- Troubled Interactivity (CUSeeMe Conference) 22.00 Hrs.
Theme: Male/Female Interfaces

Day 2: 25.06
- Workshops (Van Gogh TV) 08.00 - 18.00hr.
- Cyborg (Dejan Spasovik and Nikola Velkov) 19.00hr.
- Project X (Rachel ) 20.30hr.

Day 3:   26.06
- Workshops (Van Gogh TV) 08.00 - 18.00hr.
- Laika The True Story (Nada Prlja, Alekandar Zdravkovski, Miroslav 
Stojanovik) 19.00hr.
- Form (Alexei Shulgin) 20.30hr.

Day 4:   27.06
- Workshops (Van Gogh TV) 08.00 - 18.00hr.
- Seeing the Sound ( Bogdan Grabuloski and Violeta Blazeska) 19.00hr.
- Metabolizer (Petko Durmana) 19.30hr. 
- Face Setting (Kathy Rae Huffman) 20.30hr. 

Day 5:   28.06
- Workshops (Van Gogh TV)  08.00 - 18.00hr.
- Welcome Back to the Empire (Melentie Pandilovski, Aleksandar Kolov,
Filip Stojanovski) 19.00hr.
-  Alpha to Omega of Marketing (Simon Poulter) 19:45hr.
 - inferno/externo 0.html (Igor Stromajer - Intima) 20.30hr.

Day 6: 29.06.
- Workshops (Van Gogh TV)  08.00 - 18.00hr.

*** All the noted schedules are calculated in Central European Time
The Van Gogh TV will hold workshops in the period 24.06.97 - 29.06.97
in the Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje


The new project @ home presents a new initiative of collaborative work
from Van Gogh TV. This project is the first step toward real and
virtual bridging of ideas related to Cyber Space. Worlds Within is
used as the common platform. This project emphasizes the idea, not
only on the technical side but also on the content side, where the
locally generated content meets the global context. Cultural history
starts with an idea is outspoken. 
@home is a travel through time and space.

This workshop gives a theoretical and practical introduction into the
creation of Virtual Worlds or Virtual Communities, on the example of
Worlds Within.

@home Workshops groups

1 workshop 	
Content Creation for Multi-User Systems (Karel Dudesek)

2 workshop  	
- 3D Graphics for Multi-User Systems (Tim Becker)
-  Software development for Multi-User Systems (Martin Schmitz)

All interested should apply by June 20. 1997.
- Workshop 1 is for creative people, artists, designers. Mainly paper
work and concept work will be done in this workshop.

- Workshop 2 requires some skill in computers, in photoshop, 3d Studio
or in 3D Studio Maxx. 

- 3 D Graphics
(who can attend)
Computer graphic people, designers and others are invited to this

- Software Development
(who can attend)
Programmers who have good skill in in C/C++/Windows/UNIX programming.

The final work of the workshop will be presented in an 3D Multi User
Version on the Internet

The CuSeeMe Conference
Troubled interactivity
Skopje - Providence
on SEAFair 97

Providence, Convergence International Art Festival - 
Skopje, - SEAFair 97 &  Skopsko Leto, International Summer Art Festival


from Skopje: 
Liljana Gjuzelova, Nada Prlja, Maja Sokolova, 
Jana Kunovska, Kalina Bunevska, Anita Ivkovik

Participants of  SEAFair: Kathy Rae Huffman ...

from Providence USA
Artists: Marilyn Arsem, Mirna Arsovska, Iskra Dimitrova, Meredith
Davis, Mary Novotny Jones, Margarita Kiselicka Klajdzieva, Kathy
Nolan, Nora Stojanovic, Margaret B. Tittmore, Zaneta Vangeli, Art
Critic: Suzana Milevska

["Liquor Amnii " is a project that explores the inter spaces between
the male and female consideration of archeology, time, alchemy of
birth and death, body politics, changing of identities, interactive
communication etc. The participants are kindly invited to support the
project and the Conference with their different and, may be, opposite
opinions announced and processed through the NET.]

With this Conference the space of the project "Liquor Amnii" is
extended from the real and into the cyber space. Firstly, it happened 
in Skopje, Macedonia, during the Skopje Summer Festival 1996, in the
abandoned space of  the Turkish bath from 16 century where as 
now it is taking place both in the real space. The secon event 
will happen in Providence, at the
CONVERGENCE X International Art Festival, on 20, 21 June.
The project will have its cyber version 
on 22 & 24 June through the established intercontinental and
multicultural connection between Macedonia and USA.

All who are interested may join the Conference 
on 24.06.1997 at 22.00hrs CET.

For technical details please contact 
SCCA - Skopje, Macedonia

Melentie Pandilovski
assistant director

Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje
Ruzveltova 34
91000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Tel/Fax: 389.91.361.855
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