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<nettime> the monday report from Amsterdam


                           Eurostop Yellow Press (4)
   On June 16, 1997 at 21:35 EDT the Central Intelligence Agency of the
   United States of America visited this web site:
   >> 16 Junie 21:35 VS Overheid (
   Amsterdam,, NL Europe? - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 19:52:42 (MET DST)
   The people who live in and use the Vrankrijk house on the Spuistraat
   just held a fairly well attended press conference.
   Although not much news could be given on the whereabouts of the 400
   people arrested yesterdaynight, the Vrankrijk people explained the
   position of the house and fought the myth of them being described as
   the organizers of the Chaos Days or 'Autnomous People'.
   They don't want to distance themselves from things going on in the
   city, but don't feel responsible for it.
   Vrankrijk is a point where people can get information and coffee, the
   pub is being used as a meeting place, and as a starting point for
   demonstrations. That's what happened yesterday. A group of people
   took of to go to Police HQ to express their solidarity with comrades
   arrested yesterday. A few hundred meters away they were fenced in by
   the riot police and arrested eventually. On the grounds of article
   140, possible criminal organization.
   This is the first time this rather stretchable article is being used
   to stop a demonstration. To forbid the demonstration because of
   possible disturbance of public order, or with the special law
   (noodverordening) would have been easier of more appropriate from a
   juridical point of view, if at all.
   These people had not done anything at all. The procecuter all ready
   claimed he had enough information to base his claim of a criminal
   We will see...  


   tactical media center <>
   NL - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 17:20:38 (MET DST)
   Between 12.00-14.00 hrs today, two small demonstrations were held in
   Animal right activists had a peacefull gathering on Dam Square,
   according to reports on the Vrije Keyser Radio police was very
   helpfull with enrolling banners. The group managed to block the
   traffic from Rokin to Damrak for some time.
   At the same time, European leaders had lunch in the Royal Palace on
   the Dam in the presence of the Dutch Queen. Presumably they had a lot
   of meat..
   On the Rembrandtplein Spanish olive farmers gathered, between
   150-1000 (?!?). We don't have any further reports on this.
   At two o'clock a report came in about a Kurdish demonstration leaving
   from Central Station. No confirmation yet.
   NL - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 13:50:00 (MET DST)
   The bar group of squatterscafe Vrankrijk and the Infopoint group will
   give a press conference about the events yesterdaynight in the
   The press conference will be helt in the Vrouwenhuis, Nieuwe
   Herengracht 95, at 17.00 hrs this afternoon, Monday.
   NL - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 13:41:00 (MET DST)
   Lawyers and the Arresto Group in charge of people arrested still
   don't have any overview about the number and whereabouts of the
   people arrested last night.
   The Arresto Group gets all kind of phonecalls from worried mothers
   whose son didn't come home last night, to student unions who can't
   find their council. Two German people and two Spanish have vanished
   in the police bureaucracy. Arrestants have been spread around the
   city, and towns around Amsterdam. At least 22 are situated at the
   police headquarters in Amsterdam, and the Bijlmerbajes kept empty
   cells available.
   Anybody who was dressed a bit 'alternative' last night in the
   Spuistraat near the squatterscafe Vrankrijk was at risk. Two friends
   who didn't have anything to do with what was going on, were tackled,
   thrown to the ground, handcuffed and blindfolded. Some journalists
   were arrested as well when the police wanted to empty the Spuistraat
   late last night. One of them, from Pacific Press, got so angry about
   this he tried to beat an officer from his horse.
   More news about the arrested people will follow later.


   autonoom centrum
   NL - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 12:09:08 (MET DST)
   Italians in Rome protested in front of the Dutch Ambassy against the
   treatment of the demonstrators who came to Amsterdam and were never
   allowed to leave their train.


   NL - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 10:38:28 (MET DST)
   Trains arrived in Milano at 21.30. A press conference was held toward
   many journalists and tv reporters. An interview with Luca was passed
   on the national state tv. We're waiting for the return of the last three
   comrades deteined in Amsterdam who (as official sources say) should
   be released on monday morning.
   We hope this event can demonstrate to everybody with facts that in
   this Europe only the market goods are free to circulate.

   anonymous <>
   Cambridge, Ma USA - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 04:10:58 (MET DST)
   The hundreds of arrested people have been arrested under suspicion of
   breaking article 140. In Germany that would be 129. "Forming a
   criminal organisation". They weren't even in one of the
   security-zones where, according to the illegal emergency decree , no
   demonstration is allowed.

And the last report that just came in:

Around 20 male persons, most of them in their mid-thirties, gathered this
evening to discuss the concept of 'communication guerilla'. Are women too
serious to enjoy fun strategies? It was women's day, actually, so the men
had an excuse. Two germans presented a brand publication on this topic:
the handbook for communication guerilla (so far only available in german).
Their message was sixties-like, but still very funny. Not postmodern, but
strictly within the settings of the (german) radical left, with lots of
good stories about fakes and pye througing activists. The gay guerilla
should be more than a joke. It creates "militant situations", the idea
that "everything could be different." The traditional believe in the truth
of the left is anymore enough. So are the isolated actions that are only
targetting at the own ghetto. Info guerilla positions itself in the very
centre of society and tries to convince average consumers that "the
impossible might be possible." Change the homepage of the CIA, even if it
is only for a few hours. Invent fake politicians. Demand 'more police'
in the middle of this police state called Amsterdam. Fool search engines,
mirror the site from McDonalds, like the McLibel group is doing. And face
the death of all current forms of political communication. But do not
forget the subversive laugh. And act when you have to. That's the message
of the international organisation of CG which was founded at the end of
the meeting. Link up and contact or have a look at 
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