Matthew Smith on Tue, 17 Jun 1997 19:46:38 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> bossy cunts online

Mr. Wark wrote:

>If you get put in a small, cramped
>box, an artist, woman, black or gay box -- you know
>you're in a box, honey, and you find a way to escape.

hmm. all of those boxes seem obvious, exept the "artist". please, 
somebody, elaborate...

this whole discussion is a strange one. i kinda thought that is was 
common knowledge that we r all pink on the inside, atleast on this list. 

but anyhow, since everybody seems to be expressing their personal views, 
here is mine:

why should women not have the right or desire 2 flock 2gether in a casual 
way, without men interfering - in a similiar fashion as men gather at 
gasstations on sunday afternoon showing off their chrome & wheels, e.g.? 
i think nobody (female/male) can really leave the society one lives in. 
so the different genders seem to have parts of their lives that they dont 
necessarily want 2 share with the opposite sex. this fact should be 
respected - it doesnt have anything 2do with world domination, its 
something "biological";) its all about everybody having a chance, and 
that chance definetly has something 2do with the box (see above) ur 
living in/come from. and 2 make things more fair, its very important 
2 have some people around who are prepared 2 kick some serious ass on the 
issue, even if its not "politically correct" for e.g. VNS...special 
shoutout to them


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