Erik Schoppen on Sun, 22 Jun 1997 20:51:55 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Garbage Park

I'm writing to you to announce the Garbage Park Project and if it's
possible you spend some attention to the project in NETTIME.

Garbage Park is a 'web park', a site where people from all over the world
can meet and wander. Like in a real park, visitors to Garbage Park leave
marks, imprints and traces. The marks you leave behind are used to gather
information about the web, and its effect on society. Each visit to the
park creates and provides more information. Your behavior and the data your
browser provides, is used to develop this site. In a sense every visitor
becomes an 'interactive dating subject' in this web page. The site contains
'Contradictary questions in life' such as ethics, sex, art, life, fear,
religion,  etc.
By spotting information from other visitors we send email to the person who
is been watched. In this way we build a  networking community based on new
rules. The rules created by the server and its reaction to the visitor.

The site and the database is completely build with JAVA.  By using applets
and servlets we build a communication netwerk in 3 layers.

1. the visual part of the site and the visitors behavior (collected by the
2. the database and the information flow, such as send 'trace' email to
visitors by automail generated by the server
3. The outside world where visitors we brought in contact react and

CONTACT MEDIA * Garbage Park formes an alternative social reality.

Thanks, and we hope to see you in the park, greet Erik Schoppen
P.S. Just mail me if you  have some questions.

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