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<nettime> Local Knowledge confronts World Bank

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, Mark Stahlman wrote:

> What we have gotten has been all to predictable.  Some suggestions that we
> take more dope (by way of studying people who took dope), some suggestions
> that we block traffic (usually while naked and/or riding a bicycle) and
> some suggestions that we throw more parties (preferably while naked and
> taking dope -- although, apparently, not while riding a bicycle).  Yes,
> there was more.

Well that's close to what the media collective did today in holding a
counter-event to the world bank's event called 'global knowledge' (a
techno-utopia fest). We had a day long teach-in (continues tomorrow) on
issues ranging between globalization, technology, neo-liberal free
trade, the corporate surveillance state, and all those other nasties.
There were about 120 participants, from around the world (some in town for
the Global Knowledge event) and at the end of the day, the remaining 42
walked through downtown toronto with megaphone blaring and the 
majority of participants on bicycle, screaming crazy rants after
discussing the evils of techno-utopian-capitalism. Arriving at the global
knowledge event, we tried to walk in the front door, but were stopped by
Canadian Secret Service (the Prime Minister and President of the World
Bank were speaking). We sat down and continued the teach-in while the
national media (CBC) covered the scene. As participants walked in we spoke
to them about the real agenda behind 'global knowledge' that being
corporate profits. we stayed at global knowledge for an hour or so,
chatted politely with various levels of police, and then went partying
into the city. i apologize for my current loose use of language, but it's
been a long fun reaffirming day ;)

pictures and more reports will be available at the lk website:
and for info on global knoweldge

> P.S. I'm about to go off-line for two weeks so have a really nice day.

Thanks, I had a great day partying with anti-authoritarians,
discussing both the corporate reality we resist, and the alternatives we
are building.

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