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Re: <nettime> Mark Stahlman's Challenge to Rationality

At 2:40 PM -0600 6/22/97, Bruce Sterling wrote:
>All three
>hundred of us will become LSD-pushers and CIA agents, menaces to humanity,
>soulless cyborgs threatening the safety of Mark's precious bodily fluids.

But I actually *am* an LSD-pusher and a CIA agent, certainly some kind of
menace to some parts of humanity, and if I could figure to compromise the
safety of Mark's precious bodily fluids without getting any on me, I would.

Other than that, you're quite right, Bruce. He is a professional paranoid.
If only he could go back to working for Lyndon LaRouche, who, in his day,
employed more paranoids than George Soros has anarchists.

In the meantime, I'd hate to see him disappear from Nettime altogether. I
am, of course, both complimented and encouraged by the enmity of such as
Mark Stahlman, and there is something astonishing in the detail of his
proposed conspiracies, like elaborate clockwork mechanisms that do nothing,
but do it very elegantly.



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