Geert Lovink on Sat, 28 Jun 1997 18:27:32 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> 'no one is illegal' campaign


this morning, saturday,  28 june, 10.45 a.m., we¦ve taken over the
hybrid workspace in the orangerie at the documenta x  in kassel.
we are expressing our admiration and respect for the struggle of the
sans-papiers in france who occupied the church of st. bernard in paris a
year ago, and also our solidarity with all migrants who have to fight
everyday racism and institutional racism, detention, border controls and
at this very moment, a meeting of more than 30 anti-racist groups from
all over germany, ranging from the autonomous left to the christian
spectre, is being held inside the orangerie.
today marks the start of our campaign `no one is illegal¦ through which
we publicly declare our concrete and direct support for migrants and
refugees and above all their right to enter europe freely and to live
their lives where and how they like.
for this reason, and also to set up an all-european communication
network we want to squat as much web space as possible during the next
ten days. we invite you to sign our call for participation in our
campaign `no one is illegal¦, to join our disussions, to send us reports
on your praxis, activities, actions and ideas and to visit our websites
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