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<nettime> join the workspace newsgroups

about: http://www.documenta.de/workspace

Dear Nettimers, 

hereinspaziert! please take a walk on the website, join the conversation,
expand your hot minds, point your browser to our web/enhanced newsgroup
environment specially build up for WorkSpace@documenta is quite
operational now.  eleven groups under eleven topics are open for your
contribution. they are not only for response, but you can initiate new
threads, post related material, ask tricky questions, criticise the
environment, add links to sounds, pictures, videos, websites and expand
dialogue as much you like, its a newsgroup.  we are also working on a
maillist option where you can subscribe to the newsgroups.  and, it is
easy to e-mail directly from your inbox to the workspace newsgroups (see

even if it doesn't look like it right now in middle europe, it's
summertime and people enjoy the low traffic. time to reread the material
at www.factorz.org or elsewhere, time to read some books at the beaches. 
anyway, feel free to jump into workspace for some textual leisure. in the
near future many of the nettime threads will paralellize we hope. it is
also about testing new info-architextures which diversify the enforced
unity and silence of the mailinglist. it is an experiment is meant for all
you who felt both overwhelmend by traffic and surpressed to chut up and
listen while you actually wanted to add something. 

so here also small, informal and quick remarks are welcome. finally it is
you who makes it useful or not. don't hesitate with bug reports and
remarks on the design. this is a prototype put together within 4 weeks for
zero euros. Thanks to Thomax Kaulmann the heroic developer who glued News,
Mail, Wais and Web together with some Perl-scripts. 

here is a first FAQ version. it depends on you if there will be an
improved one.

see you soon

Pit and Geert

Hybrid Workspace FAQ 1.0           http://www.documenta.de/workspace

1 first steps:

1.1  first look  
1.2  access
1.2.1    web
1.2.2    news
1.2.3    e-mail
1.2.4    search
1.3  info-architecture
1.4  java problems
1.5  how to register
1.6  hot to subscribe

2 reading

3 writing 
3.1  write to a newsgroup
3.3  cancel a message
3.4  post a followup

4 schedule

5 adresses

6 workspace net.radio

1.1 first overview

1.2 how to access workspace
1.2.1 web:
click on "go to workspace" you will get the homepage
of Workspace with an animated interactive navigation tool 
from here you can go to every newsgroup, in the left upper
corner is the current workgroup. 

1.2.2 news:
use your favorite news-reader and point it to 
select 'workspace', you will get 11 newsgroups and 11 workgroups
-> see also 'architecture'

1.2.3 e-mail:
a) mailto newsgroups:
   1 social_spaces_berlin@workspace.icf.de
   2 cross_the_border@workspace.icf.de
   3 we_want_bandwidth@workspace.icf.de
   4 recycling_the_future@workspace.icf.de
   5 deep_europe@workspace.icf.de
   6 tactical_media@workspace.icf.de
   7 technoscience@workspace.icf.de
   8 theme_follows_function@workspace.icf.de
   9 socializing@workspace.icf.de
  10 nettime_mailinglist@workspace.icf.de
  11 cyberfeminism@workspace.icf.de

b) subscribe to newsgroups
   -> see 'how to subscribe'

1.2.4 search:
go to http://www.icf.de/workspace and use the search
input form at the right bottom.

1.3 info architecture
- every text is readeable for all
- the newsgroups are writeable for all who register
  this is important for avoiding abuse. 
- newsgroups are the main discussion area, threads can
  develope around starting textes, they are also
  accessible via e-mail. -> see 1.2.3
- the workgroups are moderated 
  example: you post to the workgroup g.super_issue and
  your text gets crossposted to the newsgroup super_issue
  where users can reply and discuss about the text. the
  workgroups contain less 'noise'.
- the main channel, a mailinglist which is for 
  'broadcasting' events and main textes from
   workspace, -> see  

1.4 Java Problems
if problems occur you can switch Java off: 
in Netscape: options/network_preferences/languages
you can also access it via other browsers like
Lynx, you will need Netscape 3.0 (IE 3.0) or higher, 
and a computer which is fast enough. (+24 bit colour)

1.5 how to register
- click on 'Join' on the toolbar at bottom of the page
- enter your username and password
- enter your email-adress
- you *can* add personal context if you want to inform other people
- hit the 'register' button
.....meanwhile open your e-mail reader....
- you will get an e-mail with a url and a registration key 
- go to the url given in the e-mail
- enter your username and the registration key
- hit the 'register' button
- you'll get a confirmation, if not go back and do it again.

1.6 how to subscribe
- go to 'join' ( http://www.icf.de/hws-bin/prereg )
- enter username and password 
- go to the last field before the 'register' button
- select the newsgroup you want to subscribe or unsubscribe
- hit the 'register' button, it works like an on/off button
- use it for as often you want to subscribe/unsubscribe

a more easy way to subscribe to the main channel may be
directly via documenta:

2. reading
-> see 1.2 
reading should be self-explanatory

3. write to a newsgroup 
- you have registerd as described in -> 1.5
- enter username and password
- hit the 'check in' button
- you will get a input form
- enter subject line
- enter new text
- push 'save'

3.1 write to a workgroup
- enter url of workgroup area 
- enter name and password
- follow link 'post to workgroup' 

3.2 cancel a message
- go to a newsgroup
- select the message you want to cancel
- enter username and password under which you wrote the text
- the message gets erased from the news-server

3.3 post a followup
- go to a newsgroup
- select the message you want to reply to
- select post to followup
- the rest works like in -> 2.1

3.4 write to workgroup
- go to workgroup area 
- click on 'post to workgroup' - select the group
- the message goes to the moderated workgroup and
  the newsgroup of your team
- it is the most important function to publish 
  textes on workspace

3.5 write to main channel
- after entered the text for the workgroup you can
  check the radio button for main channel
- then the mail will go to the mailinglist of 
  workspace and DX - mainly for announcemtns and
  central textes in english.
4 schedule
start-date / group name / keywords
 1 / 18.06. / Social Spaces Berlin / posturbanism, labour, public sphere
 2 / 28.06. / cross the border / migration, refugees, postcolionalism
 3 / 08.07. / we want bandwidth! / equal access rights, broadcast for all
 4 / 18.07. / recycling the future / recombinative culture, public radio
 5 / 28.08. / deep europe / changing role of media culture in the 'new europe'
 6 / 07.08. / tactical media / resisting the abuse of state or corporate power
 7 / 17.08. / technoscience / vocabulary, polictics, practise of biopower
 8 / 27.08  / theme follows function / excursions into the functions of sound
 9 / 02.09. / socializing / psychoclasses, cultural production / publication
10 / 12.09. / alt.nettime / the making of the nettime bible
11 / 20.09. / cyberfeminism / fresh ideology? artistic playground? 

5 addresses

physical address:
     An der Karlsaue 20A
     D-34121 Kassel
     49 561 108890
     49 561 108889

6 radio
each sunday night from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
WorkSpace radio is broadcasting life on
the brand new Kassel Free Radio.
Thanx to Herbert A. Meyer!

the transmissions, as a condensed summary
of the last weeks events, sometimes in 
english sometimes in german, are archived
and accessible at Thomax Kaulmann's 
Radio Internationale Stadt: 
http://www.icf.de/RIS search for "workspace"

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