Peter Tomaz Dobrila on Mon, 30 Jun 1997 17:55:30 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> Interview w/ Vuk Cosic


> ?: In read somewhere that the first bible in Slovenian was printed in
> Wittenberg in
> Germany. I was wondering if you think there is a similar situation with the
> internet now, if you have the impression that it was somehow invented
> elsewhere and therefore suspicious, as many west europeans seem to think? 
> Vuk Cosic: No, Slovenia is actually very well-connected. There is also a
> high number of computers in offices and homes. The number of hosts per
> capita is higher than in many west-european cuntries, for example in Italy
> or Spain. At Ljudmilla we have a 256k-line which is the best you can get in
> Slovenia. So itīs not such a bad situation. We have live-stream real audio
> and video, and the bandwidth is definitely sufficent. 
I just wanna say that 256k-line is not 'the best you can get in Slovenia.'
We - Multimedia Center KIBLA in Maribor - have the 512k-line and it can go
up to 2Mega. Just for an objective information. 


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